Syrian Hamsters Are Popular Pets
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Syrian Hamsters Are Popular Pets

Syrian hamsters are the most popular hamster kept as a pet. They are great pets for children and they are great for apartment pets as they do not require a lot of room. They are easy to care for and are very entertaining. They will need a lot of exercise so you will need to get your pet an exercise wheel, exercise ball and lots of toys.

There are many different types of hamsters that are kept as pets but the most popular one is the Syrian hamster.  The Syrian hamster is also sometimes called the golden hamster.    They have check pouches, which they use to put food in and carry back to their nest.  Syrian hamsters are larger than some hamsters and they can be 5 to 6 inches in length when they are grown.  This is one animal where the females are larger than the males.

Syrian hamsters prefer to live alone and if you put two together, they will fight and it does not matter what sex they are.

Syrian hamsters will sleep during the day curled up in their nest.  They are very active early in the morning and in the evening.  The will come out in the morning and evening looking for food.  They will put the food in their check pouches and carry it back to their bed area to eat later.  Syrian hamster will hibernate if the temperature gets below 50 degrees.

Syrian hamsters can be kept in wire cages or aquarium type cages.  There are also many elaborate homes with all types of tunnels sold for hamsters.  If you use an aquarium, type cage you must make sure it is well ventilated.  Hamsters can also get to warm in the summer in this type of cage.

For bedding, you can use hay, shredded paper and wood shavings.  Syrian hamsters go to the bathroom in the same spot all the time so it is easy to keep the cage clean.  You can also train your hamster to use a small litter tray.

Syrian hamsters groom themselves so they do not need to be bathed.  Sometime their claws will need to be trimmed.  Their cages should be cleaned out completely once a week and all the bedding changed.  Their toilet corner should be cleaned everyday and this will cut down on the odor.  Their bedding area should be checked everyday for spoiled food.

They need exercise so an exercise wheel is necessary.  Syrian hamsters are very curious so objects should be put in their cage for them to check out so they do not get bored.  A piece of wood, fruit tree twigs and different shaped stones will work very well.  These objects will keep them entertained for hours and it is fun to watch them check everything out.

They are very easy to tame and will rarely bite unless they are hurt.  They love to be played with and handled after they get used to you.  Only play with your hamster when is is rested and alert.  Do not try to grab him but let him come to you and if he does give him a treat. 

The more you handle your hamster the tamer he will get.  The great thing about Syrian hamsters is that once they are tamed thy will stay tamed for the rest of their life.

Take good care of your hamster and you will have a happy and loveable little pet that will give you hours of enjoyment.

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