Keeping Your Pet Rat Happy
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Keeping Your Pet Rat Happy

Pet rats can be great fun. They are good pets for children and adults. They do not require a lot of room so they are great for people who live in apartments. They do not require any special care. They do require a lot of chew toys, exercise wheel, fresh water and healthy food. They are very entertaining and funny to watch.

Your pet rat needs a comfortable cage and bedding and he will need a small box so he can make a nest.  He will also need a water bottle and food dish.  Rats are very intelligent so they will need toys to keep themselves entertained.

Rats need to exercise so an exercise wheel is necessary.  Plenty of toys and an exercise wheel will keep your rat entertained and he will not tear up his cage because he is bored.

Your rat would also enjoy small mammal tubes, which are available at the pet store.  Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls also work very well and you can replace them when the rat tears them up. Your rat would also enjoy a mammal ball and you can put him in the ball and let him roll around the room.

After all, of his exercise he would appreciate a hammock so he can take a nap.  Get a ferret hammock and this will be perfect for your rat.  Hang the hammock from the top of your rat’s cage.  He will lie around in the hammock for hours.

Rats love to play but they also love to eat and they will need a variety of food.  You can add strawberries, peas, raisons and avocados to their regular rat diet.

Rats also need a dig box so fill a box up with soil so they can dig.  They also love plants and chew toys.

Rats like paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls that they can crawl through and chew on.  Your rat needs to climb so get him things he can climb on.  Fill up a pan and let your rat go swimming for his toys.  This is a great way to cool your rat off in the summer and he will really enjoy it.

Make a little bag out of material and put treats in it so the rat can work to get them out.  You can decorate your rat’s cage and make it into a palace for him. 

You might consider getting another rat so your rat does not get lonely as rats are very social and sometimes do better in pairs.  They can entertain each other and keep from getting bored.  Do not get a male and female rat, as you soon will have more rats.  You are the best playmate for your rat.  You can provide him obstacle, wrestling, petting and love and this is what he needs most of all.

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This is a fun article. Great job in coming up with this..