How to Safety Incorporate a Mousetrap in Your Home or Business
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How to Safety Incorporate a Mousetrap in Your Home or Business

Discover how to safetly incorporate a mousetrap around your home or business and what mousetrap designs are best to use when catching rodents. Find out how to use natural repellants to get rid of mice, instead of chemicals or poisons that may be harmful to pets and children. These repellants can be used in addition to mousetraps as a second line of defense.

Whether you're a college student, homeowner or a business; mice infestations can be quite annoying to say the least. With one foul swoop, you find yourself trying to cover your entire office or home with traps in every nook and cranny. Before you start setting out your mouse zappers in droves and driving your family crazy in the process, there are smarter ways of setting up the traps in order to garner more interest from the mouse and be less of an intrusion to coworkers or family members.

The more intelligent thing to do would be to lie in wait and observe where there is more evidence of mouse activities such as droppings and chewing holes. Look for proof of these tiny invaders inside food cabinets or areas that contain items that mice can use for bedding. Another thing to inspect for is easy access points where mice can enter structures more easily such as cracks or holes on the exterior of your home or through radiator pipe openings within the walls. By identifying several pathways of entry, you'll be more successful in your efforts to rid your home of rodents without having to contact a professional pest control contractor.

Which Mousetrap Designs really work the Best?

 If you have been cruising the internet wondering whether there is a more efficient way to catch a mouse or a mole besides the old style spring and load method; you’ve come to the right place. The evolution of the traditional mousetrap has come a long way in the past few years. As a society, we have found there are more humane ways of dealing with rodent issues. One such civilized and highly effective design is the electronic trap. Their claim to fame is killing mice fast and you can rest easy with its 100% kill ratio promise. These types of traps are so much nicer than standard devices because they eliminate the need for having to view or touch the exterminated mouse. The electronic traps are completely safe to use inside of your home or office. Their shape and smart circuitry lend itself to a seamless mouse or rat extraction. Incredibly surprising as well, is the amount of mice you can kill on just one set of batteries.

What other natural and safe ways can I use to repel mice?

It's always best to use natural repellents when dealing with rodents, instead of handling poison pellets or certain traditional mousetraps. Why jeopardize the safety of small children or pets by sprinkling dangerous chemicals around your house, when you can use natural ingredients to aid in ridding yourself of pesky rodents. Most mice, rats and moles do not like the smell of food seasonings and have a tendency to avoid areas that produce a strong and long-lasting scent. These seasonings can be used in conjunction with traps and can be an effective force, as well as a second line of defense. Using natural seasonings such as cayenne pepper, peppermint, cloves and garlic will discourage even the most persistent mouse.

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