Having a Dwarf Hamster As a Pet
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Having a Dwarf Hamster As a Pet

Many people like dwarf hamsters as pets. The Chinese dwarf hamster is called a dwarf hamster because of his small size. They are usually not good pets for small children. Siberian dwarf hamsters are small, cute, furry and loveable small animals. They make great pets. The Russian dwarf hamster also make a loving pet.

If you are planning to get a Chinese dwarf hamster, you have made a good choice, as they are fun and entertaining to watch and care for.  They do not usually require any special care. The Chinese dwarf hamster is not really part of the dwarf hamster species but they are called dwarf hamsters because of their small size.  With proper care, they will live 2 to 3 years.

They look like rats and they are a brownish gray color with black stripes in the spine area.  You need to get a very young hamster, as older Chinese Dwarf Hamsters can be a little difficult to train. 

Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are not usually good pets for small children.  They require more attention than other dwarf hamsters but it is worth it because they are so funny and amusing.

You must find a suitable home for your Chinese Dwarf hamster.  Solid tanks or plastic cages work very well.   Do not put them in wire cages because if they are young they will slip through the bars.

They need to drink water constantly so they must have a water bottle full of water at all times.  Make sure the water bottle is placed where they can reach it.

Feed your pet a healthy food that consists of dried fruits, pellets and seeds.  Use ceramic bowls as Chinese dwarf hamsters will chew on just about anything.  They will chew up plastic and wood bowls.  Chinese hamsters love to chew on their toys so they need toys that are good for chewing.  Chinese dwarf hamsters are always teething so they need chew toys.

You will need to have hiding places for your hamster and these hamsters love to play around and hide.  He will need shredded wood on the floor of his home so he can burrow.  When he burrows it makes him feel safer and secure.  Make sure his bedding is not toxic.

The Siberian draw hamster is small, cute and very loveable.  If you live in an apartment, they will make you a perfect pet.  In the wild, they can change colors for protection but they will seldom change color when they are kept in captivity and they usually stay their dark gray color.

Your hamster needs clean food to eat and commercial food is good because it has all the essential nutrients that the hamster needs.  If you want to feed your hamster only natural food, you must give him a healthy combination of fruits, vegetables and seeds.

The Siberian dwarf hamster loves to peel and shred their food.  For this reason, you should put whole fruits and vegetables in their home for them to eat.  Some of the hamster’s favorites are broccoli, apples, peas and melons.  You must remove the uneaten food from the hamster home regularly.

Siberian hamsters love water.  Their water in their water dish must be replaced with clean water from time to tome.  You should have a water bottle for the hamster’s drinking water and it must be hung mouth downward.

Russian dwarf hamsters are friendly, small and very cuddly and they make great pets. Russian dwarf hamsters are an adorable fluffy animal.  They are mostly gray and white with a black line on their back.  They live for up to 2 years if they are well taken care of.  They are more loveable than the Syrian hamsters.

The Russian dwarf hamster must have a cage that is the right size.    The right size helps you hamster grow well.  Cages that have a lot of hamster play and relaxation stuff in them are difficult to clean so choose a cage that is easy to clean.

You can feed your Russian dwarf hamster a pelleted food or a loose mix.  You can get hamster food   at pet stores or at some supermarkets.  You can supplement their hamster diet with some human food.

Any one of these dwarf hamsters will make a great pet for you.  You must keep the hamster happy and healthy.

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My sister and I both had hamsters as pets, we were bit lots,  you have to be prepared for the occasional bite if buying hamsters from a pet store.