Guinea Pigs
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Guinea Pigs

A simple worded article on guinea pigs that even a child can understand.

Guinea Pigs are furry, small animals that are ideal for a small child's first pet.  The animal loves to be touched and cuddled by humans hands.  They may even be taught to do some simple tricks that the owner can teach them if they have the time and patience to teach them.

These animals are better if there is  two or more of their own kind.  Like two females or males.  Keeping the females with the females or the males with the males.  Unless the owner wants to have a litter of little ones running around and the little ones will be copies of the adult ones.    The best sex to have is the females because the males are bound to fight with each other.  Both sexes have their own set of health problems that come on when they became older adults at the age of four or five.

When deciding whether to get two of the females or two of the male guinea pigs, remember that the males are more bound to fight.   The females tend to get along better ,but a fight will break out when one of the guinea pig tries to take over as the head guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs that have reached the age of four years old are consider the senior citizen's of the guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs usually live to be four to six years old.  If the animal has recieve good care during their life the guinea pig can live to be eight through ten years old.

Never feed your pet the following food avocado, chocolate, dairy products, iceberg lettuce, meat, onions, potatoes, raw beans, and shelled nuts or seeds.    Food that the guinea pigs love are carrots, celery, lettuce, apples, pears, and peaches.

If you need to give your guinea pig a bath, use warm water and mild soap, dry them throughly ,so they do not get chilled. 

Give them something to chew on ,so their front teeth do not grow long.  Check your pet's teeth weekly to see if they line up correctly.  We have a guinea pig and we go to the garden shop to buy these green dog bones.   The green dog bones are suppose to taste like vegatable and both my dogs and guinea pigs love to chew on them.

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